Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making my own jewelry findings

Tried making my own clasps.  You can see the progression here.  The little hook on the right did not come out exactly the right size. I'm pleased with the hook and clasp on the left. These clasps are made with  hammered copper wire I must say I had a hard time turning the little loop at the end of the hook (I tried it on the middle hook and clasp) So I just tilted the end of the hook in the one on the left; It was a bit easier on my wrists.

Blend 'n Switch Earrings

I meant to post this earlier but somehow got to other projects.  The blend and switch technique is such a fun technique; it looks like a colorful jigsaw puzzle and like stained glass ( I love both doing gigantic jigsaw puzzles and stained glass!) This is a combination of two techniques. I  used  the  rainbow blend .  To get the jigsaw effect I followed blend n switch technique . The big shapes just seemed to go with this design. I put a thin layer of Judikins resin.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall pendant

Made this pendant for my daughter and gave it to her on Thanksgiving.  It's adjustable; I strung it on a simple black rattail cord and I added a copper bead to highlight the warm fall tones in the maple leaf. 
Check this technique Faux Dichroic Glass

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dichroic swirly pendant

This pendant turned out really colorful. It's the Faux dichroic technique .I used a swirly texture sheet and strung it on rattail cord with a silver spacer bead and made it an adjustable necklace.