Monday, November 15, 2010

Jungle Fever

This was a very exciting project for me. I made this necklace for the 'Jungle Fever' Competition in the Canadian Beading Magazine. There are three techniques in this necklace.The faux bone  and carved drum beads  are handmade by me from polymer clay. The pendant is in brick stitch. It was a challenge to build a circular brick stitch around the faux bone disc bead. The pendant gives the necklace an exotic touch. I used greenish, brown ceramic beads and added the shell leaves in green and brown for foliage, the 'drum' beads making it 'wild' and 'feverish' - Jungle Fever. For the earrings, I flattened the ends of the steel wire and used them as head pins- the flattened end gives it a tribal /jungle look.


  1. This is a great necklace and thanks for the reminder of the cord ends for Kumihimo. I'll rely on you to remind of those things. LOL

  2. Beautiful Just like all of your work :)