Friday, September 3, 2010

Funky Heart

Mokume Gane  a Japanese technique is a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns.
I made this mokume gane necklace and earring set in polymer clay taught by Cindy Lietz  simulated mokume gane in polymer clay .  I used the colors I had and I thought purple and fuchsia go together well and so do purple and orange. I added silver leaf and black and some translucent to fill up the holes and when i ran it through the pasta machine, the silver leaf broke up into tiny bits and it turned out completely different. My daughters loved it – they said it was cool and funky. I added the alexandrite crystals to the necklace along with a silver bead which had a texture similar to the flecks of silverleaf in the heart. The alexandrite I found, is a beautiful violet in the sunshine but with indoor lighting it takes on a bluish hue. I gave this set to my youngest daughter Steph.

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